Please note that, for various reasons, Web2Messenger is no longer operational. As such, this site exists solely for historial/nostalgia purposes.

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Stored Data

We can and do store any data that you submit to us for as long as we deem it necessary. This data will be primarially in the form of your username, your password (which is irreversibly encrypted so no one can read it, even with database access), a display name which you select and your MSN Messenger Passport address.

We can not, and will not, store any personal data such as your real name or your home address, unless you provide any such information as any of the aforementioned data items, in which case they will be stored as such.

While your IP address is stored, it will not be revealed to users under any circumstances, but can be used to ban you from the service if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate by the Administrators.

When you log in to the Web2Messenger site and select the "Remember Me" option a cookie will be set which identifies your username and password (in an encrypted form). The name of this cookie is "web2msgr_login".

We are not allowed to knowingly store the personal data of persons under the age of sixteen (16) years. While we do not actually store anyone's personal data, we still request that children under sixteen years of age obtain the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) before registering for, or otherwise using, this service.

Messages sent from one user (anonymous or otherwise) to another are not read by anyone except to diagnose problems with the server or if a message is reported to the Web2Messenger Administrators by the recipient, in which case the message contents, sender name (as provided in the form), sender E-Mail address (again, as provided) and IP address will all be forwarded to the Administrators who will take any appropriate action.

Our Web Server automatically stores the IP address and browser User Agent of every request, along with the time of the request and any "GET" data (data present in the URL). This data can be used by the Web2Messenger staff to diagnose problems with the server and for the purposes of statistical analysis, in which case the data will be used only in aggregate.

The data that Web2Messenger stores will not be intentionally disclosed to third parties, except for the display name that you choose, which is visible to anyone visiting your Send Message page and potentially in other areas of the site if you choose for your Profile to be made public.

Web2Messenger uses a third-party advertising agency to pay for the server hardware and transfer costs, which ultimately keep the service free of charge. These external adverts may set cookies that we have no control over and are not responsible for in any way.

License Agreement

Your use of Web2Messenger is entirely at your own risk. We make no guarantees as to the operation of the service. Web2Messenger is not responsible for any damages, physical or psychological, that may result from the use of this service.

Also, Web2Messenger is not responsible for the contents of the messages exchanged by users. Individual users may, at their discretion, ban the sender(s) of any offensive messages from sending them future messages, but due to the nature of the Internet being anonymous this can only be of limited effect. If a user wishes to have greater control over the messages they receive they can disable the "Allow messages from anonymous users" option, but we have no way of preventing one person from registering multiple accounts with different Passport addresses.


The contents of the Web2Messenger site, including all code, client- or server-side, and the "bot" code, are copyright ©2005 Web2Messenger and its owners.

Web2Messenger is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, MSN Messenger or any of Microsoft Corporation's affiliates or subsidiaries ("Microsoft"). Further, Web2Messenger is not supported by Microsoft, and all support requests should be directed to our forum or the contact form.

Microsoft, Passport and MSN are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Terms of Use

By using this service you, the user, agree not to send messages to other users that are, or can be considered, offensive, threatening, abusive or in any way illegal.

Messages you send must not in any way indicate that you are Web2Messenger staff. This includes actions such as entering your name as "Staff" or "Administrator".

You also agree not to send any messages to our users that advertise in any way. Violating this will result in you being banned from using this service.

If required to we will work with law enforcement agencies to resolve any matters arising from the use of Web2Messenger, in which case the data stored by us may increase as necessary.

You also agree not to "flood" the service by sending multiple messages with the intent of slowing the service for other users or simply to upset another user. The definition of "flooding" will be the sole discretion of the Web2Messenger staff, and who's decision shall be final.

By breaking any of the above agreements you may be prohibited from using the service in future by an Administrator. If this happens you may send one message to the Administrators by using the contact form, explaining your actions and why banning you from the service is inappropriate. The Administration will review your request and will decide whether or not to lift your ban.

Additionally each and every user has the ability to prevent specific users or IP addresses from sending him/her messages. This is not negotiable and the Administrators can not, and will not, lift these bans. It is entirely up to the user who did the banning to lift these bans.